From Mug to Mouth

It’s midday on a Wednesday, early June, the sun is shining but it’s not too warm. I find myself sitting at my desk, tea in one hand, caramel shortbread in the other – staring blankly at my screen, hoping that everyone assumes I’m in deep thought about a project…

I dip the shortbread…

…now a while back a friend and I spent a day sat in my Cabin doing some research into biscuit dipping times, as you do. We found Digestive’s and Hobnobs were the best to dunk and that the ‘perfect dunk‘ was 3 seconds for a digestive & 4 seconds for Hobnobs. Never dunk a Rich Tea. So all things taken into consideration, I assume my Digestive caramel shortbread could withstand AT LEAST a 3 second dip…

… one and a half seconds into my dip the shortbread darkens and cracks begin to appear, in a desperate attempt to quickly cover the distance from mug to mouth. I catch the freshly juiced shortbread against the rim of the mug – all hell breaks loose. Some of the shortbread drops into the mug but the sloppiest segment slaps onto my laptop. I let out a whispered “..shit” – a coworkers head pops up over my monitor, cheesing cheek to cheek, he looks at me and says “that’s the way to cookie crumbles‘.

Knob. so now my tea is ruined and my shortbread. I’m gonna go have a hot chocolate instead.

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