Some Green inside the Grey

So I’m on the bus with Noodle, we’re on the way to Tooting to go and spend our night crammed into one of my friend’s tiny bedroom to; eat pizza, play play station and chat general nonsense. It’s a Saturday so the bus is packed, Noodle gets out his phone and after a few minutes of swiping right on every female in the vicinity. He see’s an email with some crazy offer on them fancy new smart watches everyone is getting now. Naturally, we investigate and immediately get kid at christmas style excited.

We had told ourselves this was going to be a cheap weekend, so the plan for the next day was to go and find a park, sit in a tree, pretend we can play the ukulele and chill

but what if we sit in two different trees – talk to each other on these watches

…now I’m assuming Noodle and myself had this exact thought at the exact same time as we both broke out in excitement “letsgetwatchesandgotothepark”. Amazon Prime grants our wish and the next day our watches arrive just as we’re plating up our lunch. Perfect.

I’ve passed this park on the bus a few times but never quite made the venture out to it, we set off in the right direction and along the way we find a secluded little dirt path taking us away from the main road. The trees and woodland begin to seal shut behind us, the buzz of the traffic turns to light cricket chirping as the path we follow disappears under branches and leaves, we have no plans for the day so continue forward on what we’re pretending is  completely uncharted territory. We find a fallen tree to rest our rumps on; hydrate, smoke, play the uke and get bitten by what ever insects completely destroyed my evidently sweet skinned legs.

We decide to put our new toys to use and in true mighty morphing power ranger style we call each other off our watches and split up amongst the trees. It doesn’t take long for the trees to intercept our call and we quickly realise taking our watches to the park was probably not our greatest idea.

We rendezvous back at ‘Base Camp‘ previously known as the fallen tree and continue on our journey in the old fashioned way – on our feet and off our phones. We stumble across another dirt path, revealing in the distance between two arching trees a sweet summer sky and the indistinguishable green tint of an English lake. The park is almost deserted but we were no longer alone – we had come to the realisation that we weren’t on the verge of discovering a new London chillcation*.

However we did learn that there is Some Green within the Grey.



*Chillcation – a location used to chill


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