A life lesson about Raki

It’s been a little while, but we predicted this… So don’t get all bitchy now.

I managed to land myself a sweet new job that has kept me in London and I even wormed a pay rise too, I’ve moved to a new house – which is by far THE nicest place I’ve stayed at since leaving home so I’m slowly and slowly become more and more of an adult. That being said I still find it hard to commit to my decisions, take the weekend for example.

My sister and nephew were visiting me in the city on Saturday, we had tickets to London Zoo and then wanted grab dinner and have a chilled night. My mate had some friends visiting from the north so I headed to the city to meet them, a couple pints in the pub turn into having a full blown drinking session back at his in Brixton. For a bit of nostalgia we play a game of ring of fire, I’m drinking rum so after not very long I’m pretty damn drunk. Then all of a sudden someone pulls out a bottle of Raki as our ‘king’ punishment.

Raki is one of those things I can absolutely guarantee you I will NEVER do again. It flipped my night completely. I tell myself I’m having a great time and that I’ll get an uber home as by this time I’d missed the last train home. Now the rest of my memory is pretty hazy but I was definitely sick in a lot of places in and around the house, which ultimately led to my uber driver arriving and then seconds later filling the air with smoke as he burns rubber to get away from me before I stagger into the back of his cab. Noodle puts me to bed.

My phone rings the next morning 08:30 it’s my sister telling me they got into London earlier than they thought and do I want to meet them for breakfast. I sit up and quickly realise the room I’m in isn’t mine and that I am a long way from it. I explain the situation which gets a laugh. I pull myself downstairs steal a bottle of water from the fridge and get another uber en route.

The zoo was great, I just wish I wasn’t hungover…
Note to future self:

You can’t drink like you think you can

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