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How shit would life be if we didn’t have music?

Imagine all those tube journeys. People might actually talk to each other

Obviously I’m kidding. People hate other people.

but people love music.

Here I will post whatever I’m listening to, keeping a record – hah… for future Chew to have some serious throwbacks way down the line.


RIPE – Goon Squad


Another great song which has been thankfully thrust in my direction through the omniscience Spotify.

 All hail Spotify.

If this funky jam doesn’t get your soul train chugging then lord help you. Robbie Wulfsohn – on the vocals has some of the finest hair to ever stand behind a microphone and a voice to match. Ripe are a Funk/Pop band from Boston, MA – arguably THE greatest city on the East coast. The seven members of the band have united over their one belief, that – “with enough passion and honesty, music can still make the earth shake.” and they’re definitely doing something right, their recently released sophomore EP – Hey Hello gives you an eclectic collection of sounds from dance, funk-pop and dance rock which will certainly wear down your soles but Goon Squad is a stand-alone anthem for any of your “Feeling Good” playlists.

I physically can’t stop listening to this so it’s going down in the Chewn record books at an astonishing 9/10 nibbles.  Bring us some more!

6th December 2016




  I’m not quite sure where I originally heard this Chewn but for about a week I’ve had the chorus circling around my head. (These things, these things happen – They Happen to me).  Many moments were spent pretending to work whilst I scoured the deepest depths of google to find any song featuring these lyrics but every time I seemed to find myself on G-EAZY – These Things Happen… the search continued.

Eventually I find a post from 6 years ago with a woman asking on Yahoo Answers about the same damn catchy chorus – a mysterious stranger had all the answers. So thank you mysterious stranger and I guess Yahoo.

  The Nextman are a pair of DJ’s and musicians from Cambridge, England. They combine dope hip-hop drum beats with some funky electronic sounds to give us the head bopping sound you hear right now. (You better be listening) Their music is perfect for any party; whether a sweaty-styled out club or a colossal festival-smash. This is some serious shit people. Nobody wants their good time to be held to ransom by some faux-faced numpty. They want their blocks to rock, they want their limbs to go wavy, they want the good groove to soak into their bones until yes is the only answer to every question. So let me ask you again – are you listening?

  Rockets is my top track on their latest 2009 album Join.The.Dots and goes down in the Chewn record books at a solid 8/10 nibbles.

24th November 2016

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